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We explain how to update your lifestyle at a technical, content, and design level, which are some essential pillars of your life update plan.

If you have reached this page, I suppose you want to know something more about me and the reasons behind the creation of this blog.

I really like designing and building things, and on the training side (I studied Computer Engineering) I was able to develop that concern perfectly. Technology has always attracted me a lot and designing software was a perfect fit.

But the world of work is something else. You have to be realistic, it is difficult to get a job as an employee in which you are not just one more wheel of gear and where you have a reasonable margin of freedom to be somewhat creative and apply your own criteria.

The fact that I had left the company and returned to the world of the employed person did not mean that the desire to undertake forever had been taken away from me.

I wanted to start again one day, just not in those conditions . That is why, in my free time, I followed the world of entrepreneurship sideways.

So right now, although my decision not to dedicate myself 100% to the point that the company is at may seem strange, the truth is that we are very comfortable and, in the short term, we will not change this scheme.

Happy Blogging.