Eighteen Sexual Nerves

Fortunately, more than 95 percent of our organs work automatically. We do not think to breath, to digest our food, to control our circulation, etc. Most organs are regulated by an automatic system of nerves (electric wires) and our brain (computer). 

Our body possesses two types of nerves: 
(1) one type accelerates the action. 
(2) and the other type reduces it.

SYMPATHETIC SYSTEM is the nervous system that accelerates the body functions and is analogous to the gas pedal or accelerator of an auto mobile.

PARASYMPATHETIC SYSTEM is the nervous system that reduces the body functions and is similar to the brake pedal in the car. To be healthy it is necessary to maintain an equilibrium between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system. When the sympathetic system dominates, our heart beats faster and the arterial blood pressure increases. Body functions can be accelerated by fear, nervous tension and anxiety, to the point that the palms of our hands become sweaty and clammy. Why? Because when we are afraid or nervous this accelerates the sympathetic system causing production of adrenaline which in turn increases blood sugar level, heart and breathing rates, and sweaty palms. When the parasympathetic system is in command, the person becomes calm, the heart beats slower and the blood pressure decreases. He becomes peaceful, phlegmatic and his skin becomes warm. To maintain healthy sexual life an equilibrium between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system must exist. Any defect in this equilibrium will result in sexual stalling or disappointment.

Sexual nerves We have already seen in Chapter 5 that the spinal cord is the electrical cable connecting the central nervous system (brain) to the rest of the body. The vertebral column is composed of 33 vertebras and is divided into four zones: (1) cervical, (2) thoracic, (3) lumbar and (4) sacral. From these last three regions the eighteen sexual nerves branch out to the respective sexual organs. Our body has 92 nerves and 20 percent of them are sexual nerves! 

THORACIC. The breasts, which are very important sexual organs have the nipple enervated by three pairs of thoracic nerves: fourth, fifth and sixth thoracic nerves. There are 3 nerves on the right side and three on the left side which cause the nipples to become erect. These nerves are of the sympathetic type and they transmit the electricity of love to the brain when the breasts are touched or caressed. At the same time, the two sexual centers (rational and non-rational) transmit through the electric spinal cable the electricity of love which causes erection.

LUMBAR. In the lumbar region, there are three pairs of sexual nerves also of the sympathetic type. They are the first, second and third lumbar nerves. They enervate the penis, the clitoris and the vagina. They are activated at the beginning of the sexual excitement (erection) and during the last part of the sexual act (orgasm-ejaculation).

SACRAL. The second, third and fourth sacral nerves are of the parasympathetic type. They are responsible for prolonging the erection during foreplay and intercourse.

To perform the sexual act well it is necessary that the parasympathetic system dominates the sympathetic system. If the parasympathetic loses control, early ejaculation will occur and sexual failure will result.

Enemies of love All substances, drugs or psychological situations that over stimulate the sympathetic system are enemies of the electricity of love. Persons who drink alcoholic beverages, smoke tobacco (nicotine) or drink coffee, tea or coca cola (caffeine) accelerate their sympathetic system often complaining of feeling “nervous”. These individuals become tense and abrupt and as a consequence cannot produce the electricity of love at a normal intensity.

Why do American teenagers love to take such long hot showers? Because young people abuse stimulants which speed up the sympathetic system. When this happens the tiny muscles of the surface of the skin (musculi arrectori) contract and cause the hairs to stand on end (goose bumps). 

These tiny skin muscles are specially numerous in the scrotum, nipples, eyelids and clitoris. The hot water on the skin stimulates the parasympathetic system causing these tiny muscles to relax. At the same time the entire body also relaxes. Young people love to take hot showers because it slows down their over stimulated sympathetic system! 

Individuals who have problems with intervertebral discs in the lumbar and sacral regions have sexual difficulties, despite Nature’s caution in supplying us with three pairs of nerves for each region. Now we need to discover the erogenous (pleasure-giving) zones and the erectile (rigid by distention) zones before studying the fascinating male and female orgasms.

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