Woman Are Biologically
Stronger Than Men


Plato (427-347 BC) was the first great philosopher, and for a long time the only one, who believed in the basic equality of the sexes. His student, Aristotle (384-322 BC) observed that in the animal kingdom males were larger, stronger and more agile. The same observation applied to humans. Aristotle also believed that the amount of energy was equal to heat output. Observing that woman’s body temperature was normally lower than that of the male, he concluded that females were inferior. 

Two hundred years before Aristotle’s observations, Confucius, the greatest Chinese philosopher, taught that women were owned by their husbands whom they should obey and respect. All major religions (Hinduism, Islam and Christianity) continue to teach the inferiority of women! It is time for change! 

Women have still not gained equal rights. In 1893,New Zealand was the first nation in the world to grant women full voting rights. Scandinavian countries followed suit in the early 1900’s, Russia in 1917, United States in 1920 (19th Amendment), and Great Britain, inspite her Magna Carta, granted voting rights to women only in 1928! But millions in U.S. still work for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment!

Biologically, there is a clear superiority of women over men: 
• Women live longer by at least seven years! In the animal kingdom, the female also lives longer than the male. 
• Women are more resistant to infectious agents and even cancer!
• Women work longer hours during their lifetime than men. Women have less leisure time. • The infant mortality rate is less for girls than boys. 
• In industrialized countries the greater longevity of women is an undisputed fact. 
• Women are known to take better care of themselves, both physically and mentally. 
• At any age, men are three times more likely to die of accidents, violence and cardiovascular diseases. 
• Malignant cancer related to smoking and alcoholism occur more frequently in men. 
• Women resist extreme cold longer than men, because they have a deeper insulating layer of fat under their skin. 
• Hemophilia, the hereditary disease which prevents blood from clotting, affects males primarily. 
• Men are more subject to color blindness, stuttering and learning disabilities. 
• Women have better manual dexterity enabling them to do work requiring finer movements. 
• Women are wealthier than men. The U.S. Treasury Department informs us that women die richer by outliving spouses and inheriting everything. • Girls mature, on the average, three years earlier than boys.

• Menstruation is a benefit to women in several ways: 
a) Very visibly, it tells her she is a woman, ready to flower and give fruit.
b) Every month it gives the woman concrete proof that her body is functioning like a clock. 
c) She does not panic at the sight of blood, because she becomes accustomed over the years to menstrual blood. 
d) Menstruation tells the woman she is not pregnant. 
e) Menstruation may help to get rid of some toxic products as if it were a monthly phlebotomy (bloodletting). 

• Breasts, as sexual organs, assure the woman of her feminine identity. In contrast, the smaller, less visible male testicles are not effective in the presentation of masculinity. 
• Women do not experience the sexual tension that men must endure. In intercourse, women can fake. Women have a much more tranquil attitude toward sexual relations. To the male sex is like a curse! He has to continually prove his masculinity from the moment he opens his eyes until he falls asleep! Sexual performance for him is a matter of all or nothing! He lives with the stress of constantly maintaining himself as a sexual champion!

• Men need women more than women need men. Studies show that widows live longer and can take better care of themselves than widowers, who easily become overwhelmed by loneliness and depression. 

• Women are divine: they create life by giving birth, by becoming mothers. Women experience a much deeper, inner satisfaction and greater biologic fulfillment in human procreation than man! Throughout their lives, women are much more necessary to the procreation of children! 

The male should learn to appreciate the biological strengths of the woman. So he can live longer by taking better care of himself. The man must learn to have peace of mind and enjoy life without having to constantly struggle to prove that he is the strongest sex. Men have much to learn from women!

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