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4 Benefits of Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

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Windows are an incredibly important element when it comes to the living experience you want to have in your home. They affect nearly every aspect of home ownership from energy usage to perceived size to overall aesthetics. That’s why if you have an older house that hasn’t had its windows updated in more than 20 years, you should seriously consider window replacements in the near future. While it will cost you out of pocket at first, the benefits over time will save you more than you spend. Check out our list of four such benefits below and just see if they don’t have you calling a contractor when you’re done.

1. Energy Efficiency

Most modern windows offer enhancements that will save you bunches on your utility bills. There are a couple of different features you can look for when energy efficiency is your priority. Double-pane windows offer more insulation, which will stop heat from escaping via your windows. Plus, double-pane windows are great for keeping out noise if you find yourself living in a loud neighborhood or are just a really light sleeper. Low Emissivity glass (or Low-E glass) is glass that’s had a thin metallic coating applied to it. The coating reflects heat, so it keeps heat out in the summer and in in the winter. When it comes to the frame, make sure you replace your windows with new ones that have airtight frames. This will prevent heat or A/C from escaping and boosting your energy bill.

Benefits of Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

2. Easier to Maintain

Most newer windows have desirable design upgrades that make them far easier to maintain. For example, many with the Low-Emissivity glass mentioned above won’t require you to install storm windows, and that’ll save you a day of frustration every year. Also, many modern window frames are easier to work with allowing you easier access to clean your windows.

3. Privacy

If you live in a densely populated metropolis, odds are you won’t have the luxury of living out of sight of your neighbors. But if you live in a small place, covering up your windows can eliminate the rare bits of natural light you’re able to grab. In this case, you could consider replacing windows with clear glass with windows that feature treated glass. You could go with frosted, bubbled or glass blocks. All three options will obscure the view, but still, let in light while allowing you to shower in peace.

4. Resale Value

Probably the most important benefit to replacing windows is the positive effect they’ll have on your home’s resale value. Calling a company and taking care of it yourself will save you money in the long run. No new home buyer wants to immediately walk into an expensive repair job, so they’ll either refuse to buy your house or insist you take the cost of the repair out of the price. If you do it before it gets to that point, you’ll be in a better bargaining position when the time comes. Just another reason replacing windows when necessary is a no-brainer.

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