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Technology and Travel expenses.

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If you are one of the people who go through travel and technology articles from then you are in for a treat. In the comments from articles, someone once said that technology has simplified and cheapened transport expenses. It is an excuse that is very weak to stay linked to the old consumer self. These arguments about people who travel are brought about when they see travelers just glued to their phones. Because people are glued to phones and laptops, they are not social.

You see, technology hooks you up to the reminder about homes. A lot of time is wasted that one can use to connect with somewhere who may be of importance in the future. With us glued to our phones and laptops reach an extent that we even miss those surprising moments that may happen. Trying to take a peek in an ordinary hostel room. And of which you may barely recognize. Some people travel who think of themselves as failures when they at least a friend. It is impossible to make a friend, but it is much easier to make friends when the Wi-Fi is shut down for a while.

It is excellent for the following person traveling to ignite a conversation without having to struggle a lot. Many applications give us the hope of combing traveling with social life; instead, they deprive us of social life by distracting us using phones or our devices. Now, this scenario even worsens when we decide to get outside.

If someone has some cellular data on, they have the temptation to check on the live stream notifications and updates on social, and the same thing happens when there is a Wi-Fi signal. When people are planning their trips, they make sure that their battery is full and that also they have downloaded several TV shows to watch while on the trip rather than concentrating the trip on connecting with people around them.

Having an entire map in one’s pocket and a tiny dot on it to tell them where they are at that time makes it easier for one to lose his spontaneity. The incident when you get lost as you are traveling, to some people, is terrifying to others; it is fascinating, and also an eye-opening moment. Using gadgets to come about this problem, we miss the bad and good that can come with it.

Now with all these points, it is like traveling and technology do not mix. Have you ever thought of just leaving all your gadgets behind and just traveling with your guide book? There are maybe a few people who have thought about this. Then some may have traveled in the times when there were no smartphones and laptops, and they would not want to return to that kind of life.

Technology is also very important in some ways. If you are traveling with someone and it so happened that that person got lost, just a call using Facebook, you would be able to exactly where that person is. Technology makes it easier when it comes to booking hotels whereby one could book his room from wherever he is, so he arrives he doesn’t need to waste time booking a room.


Traveling and technology, I think, to some extent, complement each other in certain situations.

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