Pre-Event Planning

You can do a lot to ensure that your corporate event will be remembered and well attended. Experience will show you that some elements are more important than others. You will always have a deadline, and you’ll also always have a budget. Here are some tips to help prioritise.

  • Plan your agenda to allow for plenty of networking time. You want your audience to stay focused during the talk or speaker so make sure that they can also grab a cup of coffee and chat with others in the break time. People like to attend events to network, so make sure they have the opportunity.

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  • Do not skimp on your invitations. An invitation that is well designed and sleek will be more attractive than sending an email. Invitations that have a modern font and colours, as well as impressive visuals, will set the mood right away. But don’t forget to include the most important information like the date, the location, the contact details and the company name. For advice on Corporate Event Management, visit Parallel Blue, a leader in Corporate Event Management.

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  • After any presentation, allow plenty of time to conduct a Q&A session. This is when things can really get interesting. It would be a shame to stop the discussion prematurely.
  • Make sure your brand is prominently displayed throughout the event. Display company logos on screens, event programmes, memo paper for attendees to make notes, and on lanyards. Everyone wears lanyards and the name will show up on photos.
  • Make sure to promote your event on multiple social media channels in the weeks leading up to it. This will help to generate some buzz. Create a hashtag to increase the number of mentions.

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