How drones have revolutionised filming

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Since the beginning of film and television and the invention of the camera and photography itself, getting that all-important shot has been vital. The camera has developed hugely since its introduction in the later eighteen hundreds. In just one hundred and fifty years of development, we now have colour and high definition pictures that appear crystal clear. It’s a long way from Fox Talbot’s first efforts in Lacock Abbey.

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What he would have made of the use of drones is interesting to think about. If you had told him in the 1840s that one day his creation would be miniaturised and attached to a remote flying device, he would probably have looked at you aghast and thought you mad. Nevertheless, Drone Filming Companies like are now at the cutting edge of the technology and getting some incredible results.

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The drone allows us to get cameras into areas that we would have never been able to before. The highest heights and the lowest lows are now becoming accessible with these small, compact and lightweight machines. Some of the results have to be seen to be believed. The best example is the group Ok Go’s video, for I won’t let you down.  It illustrates the versatility of the technology, especially remarkable when you consider that they did it in one take. It could never have been achieved via traditional means.

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