How to Design the Perfect Garden

When you are planning your dream garden, you want to focus on the main elements that will tie your design together. You might want a quiet flower garden for privacy, a place to relax and shade from the summer sun as well as an area for entertaining guests, for example. You can incorporate all these elements in your design, including the colour palette you use. Also, consider adding a seating area to make your garden a place of rest. A comfortable place to sit can be as simple as a bench and a table or you could include a swing or a hammock in your garden.

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If you’re planning to plant perennials, you need to mix them together to create a more attractive landscape. When planting perennials, choose those with interesting foliage and flowers that bloom at different times of the year. Decide on your goal for your garden, and plant your favourite plants in prominent spots. Choose companions that will help them grow well together and complement each other. After that, make decisions about furniture and zoning and you’ll find your space filling up quickly. If you have a lot of clearing to do before landscaping can begin, consider Nottingham Mini Digger Hire from a site like

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Decide on a design that’s pleasing to your eye. A great garden design begins with structural plants. Plants such as trees, shrubs and ferns help to form the foundation of your garden. Use large shrubs for larger areas. You can also use small shrubs to punctuate your borders. Plants with unusual patterns tend to attract closer inspection.


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