Solving the Housing Demand with Brownfield Land

With the population in the UK growing, it is important that the need for homes for all these people are met. Unfortunately, building new homes all over the countryside comes with another problem – the damage to the environment. Habitat loss is one of the greatest concerns for many species of plants and animals – from fungi to birdlife, it is a massive concern, and something that we need to avoid.

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This means that somewhere else needs to be found to provide housing. Brownfield sites are a perfect opportunity. These sites are often found in cities and towns, and are places that have previously been developed, usually for industrial use, and are no longer used. As well as the fact that using this land stops development in the countryside, it can also regenerate an area and help to build communities and improve the local economy. It sounds like a win win!

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However, there are some hurdles to jump when it comes to building on brownfield sites. Because they have been used previously, it may be that there is some demolition work that needs to be done there. It also means that often the soil is contaminated from its previous use. It may contain dangerous chemicals and other substances which make it unsafe.

In this case a contaminated land remediation company like will need to be brought in to correct this issue and make the ground safe before any work can begin on it.

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