Garage Music but not as you know it

What do people use their garages for? Unless you’re super organised, your garage is probably full of half used tins of paint, tools, cardboard boxes for things bought years ago, old toys, broken appliances and maybe a vehicle! Perhaps you can relate to some of these songs!

Take Out The Trash – They Might Be Giants

There are so many things you should have disposed of but were nagged by the doubt that one day, there would be a pressing need for this item. So, what do you do? You store it away in the garage. Is it time to go and find these items and finally put them out in the trash?

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Garbage – Aesop Rock

Let’s face it, most of the stuff we throw into the garage is garbage. Odd screws, broken chairs, boxes of old Lego, puzzles with pieces missing. If you’re starting to find it difficult to navigate your garage safely, consider hiring a skip and have a good clear out. You’ll suddenly discover an incredibly useful space that can be put to better use.

I Love Trash – Steve Tyler

Are you guilty of a little hoarding? If you haven’t used something for 2 years tops, then let it go. Perhaps you have boxes of old crafting equipment for a hobby you no longer pursue. For items in good condition, consider donating to charity or selling on an auction site to raise some extra cash.

When you want to reclaim your garage for keeping your car safe, you might need to empty it out and give it a good clean. If you don’t have the useful space that a garage can provide, why not think about having one built just for this purpose? For more information about Oak Garages, visit Timberpride.

Building The Perfect Beast – Don Henley

Perhaps you want to build a garage to store vehicles or you want it as a workshop for business or hobbies. Whatever you reason, there are many benefits to a bespoke space that can fit perfectly with your existing property and add value.

I’m Working On A Building – The Oak Ridge Boys

There are companies who can help you to design a bespoke outbuilding or you can choose from a number of different pre-designed kits. These kits are generally cheaper but if you have unique requirements or specific design ideas, seek professional advice.

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Tall Buildings – Jon Anderson

If you want a garage that has a second storey, perhaps for an office or guest accommodation, you will likely require planning permission and the structure will need to meet building regulations. Imagine the additional living space you’ll have inside your existing property if you could transfer a home office or a spare bedroom to an annex above a garage space!

Back In The Building – Public Enemy

When you have a garage or carport built, you can finally bring in your vehicle from the elements and provide it with some shelter. This is especially important for those living in areas with a harsher climate.

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