Preventing Data Theft – Three Things that you Can do to Reduce your Risk

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Data theft is something that criminals will do to obtain personal information, which they then use to commit fraud and ultimately, make money for themselves illegally. To reduce your risk of this happening to you, here are a few things that you can do…

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Use a Strong Password – A lot of data is taken from stolen devices, such as phones and laptops. To make sure that nobody can get into your devices, make sure that everything that you use is well protected by strong passwords. A strong password is something that is not easy to guess, and contains numbers and letters, as well as symbols. Make sure that apps that you use are also protected as these could also contain personal information like your bank details.

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Dispose of Paperwork Securely – A lot of data theft happens when paperwork that contains personal information gets into the wrong hands. The way to get around this is to ensure that all paperwork of this nature is securely destroyed, not just put out in the bin or for recycling – contact a company who specialises in this such as this confidential shredding company

Keep Confidential Documents Safe – If you have documents that contain confidential information that you need to keep, then make sure that they are stored safely. A locked filing cabinet is ideal for this, as long as you don’t keep the key near it!

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