Innovative and fantastic small hallway decorating ideas

But if the apartment is of reduced size, taking advantage of a small hallway can also be a way to optimize the space available, training creativity. If one of the hallway’s sides is more generous in size than the others, be it width or height, it will be possible to study tailor-made solutions by inserting small closets or benches.

Small hallway decorating ideas

The measures are standard. Imagination will help transform the small hallway into a mini-room of games or a mini-greenhouse or make a wall functional, through the application of perforated panels or hooks, only to give some examples of small hallway decorating ideas.

small hallway decorating ideas

1. Furniture on the short sides

When the hallway is narrow and shelves or furnishings cannot be placed on the long sides, you can try to take advantage of the short sides, as in this photo. At the end of the hallway, you can place a chest of drawers or a storage unit, perhaps custom-designed if the back wall’s dimensions are not standard, and take advantage of all the available space.

2. Height storage room

If, on the other hand, height is the most useful side, a “height storage room” can be designed. By applying a plasterboard structure, you can lower the height of the hallway and place a compartment to contain a containment space.

3. Raised

A concept similar but reversed: if the height of the hallway allows it, steps can be foreseen towards a platform where,

  • To hide containers,
  • Drawers or small hatches to be used as places to store the change of season,
  • Documents to keep but not to consult,
  • Objects usually are hidden in cellars or attics.

4. Storage bench

If the hallway is short but wide, it is possible to optimize the space by placing a bench on the side, tailor-made to transform itself into a useful container were perhaps to hide shoes or bags. In the same photo, another idea: insert niches to be used as bookcases and shelves.

5. Division by volumes

Still, in the case of a wide, albeit short hallway, another idea is to divide the volumes. Using a thin partition, it is possible to obtain a mini side room, to be used as a very small playroom or as a built-in wardrobe and storage space. To make the whole playful, the finishes will take care of it, from the wallpaper to the wooden profiles.

6. Space for games

The previous photo opened the chapter of child-friendly creativity, and here are two other fun examples. The small hallway has been transformed into a “games room.” It was enough to apply some blackboard panels to the walls and immediately, the hallway became a space for imagination. The multicolor floor rug closes the circle.

7. Climbing gym

Another idea to give a simple identity to a simple passage point: transform it into a climbing gym. Large sizes are not necessarily necessary for children to have fun: just a height development (maybe having attics higher than the standard 2.70 m) and the possibility of applying the wooden panels on the wall also designed to accommodate the hooks for the climb.

8. Small greenhouse

If green enthusiasts live in the house, then the hallway can also become the testing ground for their green thumb.

However, it is mandatory to have natural light sources available. The plants can then be placed on specially designed niches or hung on hooks to clutter even less.

9. Hooks of all types

Speaking of hooks, a solution to make the wall of a passageway functional without cluttering, if the hallway is really narrow, is to resort to coat hangers (or “hangers”). It will be fun accostarne of different types and colors, to create a wall not only practical but also multicolor.

10. Perforated panels

We usually imagine them in garages, where DIY enthusiasts hang their tools, but perforated panels can also be useful in the case of hallways. It will be sufficient to apply one to the wall to transform it into a super-functional wall immediately.

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