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Wakfu season 4

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The animated series of Wakfu, one of the biggest hits of the animation studio and video games Ankama native of Roubaix, France. He reached the goal of his campaign on Kickstarter this Monday, June 8, which meant the possibility of producing a season 4 in the future.

That’s not all, because before they had released several promotional videos compilations of their first 3 seasons and that are also available in the Netflix catalog. As reported by Animation Magazine, this achievement was accomplished in less than 1 hour of its launch on Kickstarter and comes with several more surprises.

Wakfu Season 4Wakfu season 4

At the time of publishing this note, the Wakfu campaign already confirmed a total of 3 episodes for its series. This starting at 100,000 dollars and each additional 100,000 euros confirm a new episode. Ankama’s goal with his fans is to give them the follow-up that many have asked for.

The French animation studio took into account that the public grew with this series; whose first season started in 2008. His fame increased a lot thanks to his international licenses with Netflix. Through his social networks, the expected teaser for Wakfu 4 was shared and it is AMAZING.

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Watch the trailer for Wakfu 4

The first thing that was noticed was a much more mature concept than its predecessors; something we saw at the end of the third season along with members of the Tofu Brotherhood: Yugo, Amalia, Percedal, Evangelyne, Elely, Flopin, Adamai, and Ruel. Who are now at the gates of Inglorium, the Kingdom of the Gods.

New Yugo design?

One of the most eye-catching facts about the new trailer was the character design that appears to be an adult version of Yugo; who is the protagonist and at the end of the third season, his boy version met his Oropo counterpart.

There is no doubt that Ankama wants to prepare his fans for his new Waven game. And this series would be the transition to dismiss the Wakfu Era. Her fandom even recorded being over a million viewers; which positioned them within the first audience numbers on France Télévisions.

Wakfu 4 will adapt to the final amount of the budget raised. So the story could reach a total of 13 episodes if it manages to raise 1,100,000 euros. Recalling that the plot of the series perfectly combines comedy, drama, romance, heroic fantasy, and action; It only remains to wait for more response from fans.

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