How to Motivate Yourself to Get More Active

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Whether you’re tired after a long day or just don’t feel like working out, it’s easy to come up with good excuses not to get moving. But if you continually use the same excuses, you’re depriving yourself of your energy and health. Instead, try a few science-backed strategies to motivate yourself to get more active.

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Set a realistic goal. Make exercise a regular part of your life by making it a habit. Make it a part of your routine and your environment so it’s hard to ignore. Try setting up your workout clothes before you go to bed, or leaving your gym shoes by the door. Make sure your gym is a pleasant place to be, or look for a class or group activity that’s engaging and fun like a High Ropes Course. Find out more at

Find a fitness buddy. Exercise is more fun when you’re with friends, and research shows that having a workout buddy increases your fitness level. Choose a friend with similar fitness goals, and commit to meet at least once a week.

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Create a rewards system. Try one of the many apps that reward you with money or prizes for meeting health and fitness goals, or set up a challenge with yourself in which you put cash in a jar every time you skip a workout without a reasonable excuse.

Turn exercise into a game. Use a fitness app to track your progress, or keep score with friends by competing in a race or setting new personal bests for speed and reps. But be careful about unhealthy competition, since it’s been shown to reduce motivation.

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