Roof Ideas: Inspirational architecture for a perfect roof design

A roof can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your property. Ideally roof design ideas should be not only functional but also stylish. It doesn’t matter if you are building a home from scratch, renovating or self-building, picking your perfect roof is like choosing the icing on a two-tiered wedding cake.

There are a few things to consider before you choose your perfect topping:

  1. Shape of the roof. A gable-style roof is a great choice for areas with high winds or hurricanes. It also provides plenty of room to convert attics. They are not suitable for areas with high winds or hurricanes.

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  1. Mansard roofs have four sides and are low-pitched. These roofs are great for adding more living space, and they can be designed in different ways for an aesthetic appeal.

3. If you would like to build a rooftop garden or terrace, flat roofs are the perfect choice. For a Roofing Company Gloucester, visit

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  1. You can choose an eco-friendly roof design. If you want to go green, you need to ensure that you select the right roof structure for solar panels and large windows. It’s worth consulting an architect or roofing contractor if you aren’t sure what you want. They can help you with the details and practicalities.

Roof Materials

There are a variety of roof materials available. The type of roof you choose will depend on the budget, aesthetics, and maintenance that you are willing to do. Your property type will also determine what you can do. A period home would benefit from a tiled roof with intricate details, while a newer build could benefit from an anthracite-coloured metal roof.

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