How to celebrate an 18th birthday in style

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When it comes to celebrating your 18th birthday you can’t beat a good party.  Gather together your family and friends at a chosen location perhaps a local church hall or community centre, with a buffet and a DJ providing some incredible music to dance the night away.

Here are some ideas of things that you may want to include in your party planning.

Cake – 18th birthday cakes often resemble a more vibrant wedding cake with some lavish designs being chosen. This of course depends on your own tastes and personality, but it is a time to celebrate legally entering adulthood so why not look at a two-tier cake, perhaps with a red velvet cake filling. There are many accomplished bakers that can provide you with the cake of your dreams which can be decorated however you wish to reflect your personality and perhaps some of your hobbies and interests.

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Entertainment – when it comes to organise a home party you can’t beat having a DJ turn up at the hall you have hired out to provide you with some great music to dance the night away to. There are many options available to you from your standard disco DJ to one that works specifically with the type of music that you enjoy. You can also hire sweet carts that allow your guests to fill up a cone with their favourite sweets to enjoy, as well as caricaturists to draw cartoon images of your friends, adult bouncy castles and inflatables.

The list is limitless and as it’s your 18th why not go all out and give yourself a party to remember. Of course, you can also have the party at your Hemel Hempstead home, but make sure it’s large enough to accommodate all of the guests so if you’re looking for a Conveyancing Solicitors Hemel Hempstead company then why not look at companies such as Sam Conveyancing.

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Catering – the food that you serve will again depend very much on your favourite choices of food as well as your party budget. A finger buffet is still the most popular option, but other choices include a pizza van or fish and chip van that will park up outside your venue and serve food all night long. Or perhaps something a bit glitzier like a hog roast complete with rolls and salad items. You may want to tie the food you serve into whatever theme you have chosen for your party. And you should definitely have a cocktail designed specially for you.

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