How to Clean Rose Quartz? Effective Methods

Rose quartz is one of the most appreciated stones in jewelry, but also when it comes to talking about amulets because well known are the powers of rose quartz. Not in vain, it is popularly called the stone of love. But, like all minerals, it is necessary to keep it in perfect condition and clean it. And we do not mean to remove any remaining dirt or stain, but to energize the rose quartz so that it is possible to use its powers.

If you don’t know how to clean rose quartz, we are going to tell you what to do and the different systems and methods that exist, as well as the most effective ones. And we are also going to remind you of its powers and how you have to wear rose quartz to use them.

How to clean rose quartz

Like any stone, rose quartz has to be cleaned to keep its powers or properties in good condition, in addition to ridding you of the energy of other people who have touched it or with whom it may have come into contact, even in an accidental. It is also necessary to clean it of all that negative energy that has been accumulating due to its protective power, as well as the first time it is had because it is not known where it has been previously or with whom.

how to clean rose quartz

With cleaning, you will be able to purify the stone, something very necessary both to start using it and to do it from time to time. If you do not know how to purify a rose quartz stone, here we tell you the different methods that you have at your disposal according to esotericism and that is effective for you to clean it once a month, which is the recommended periodicity:

Seawater or sea salt: One of the ways to clean quartz is to immerse it in seawater or sea saltwater for a whole day. Then it dries well and sits in the sun for at least six hours.

Water: If you don’t have seawater to clean or purify the quartz, you can also use cold tap water. You have to hold the stone with both hands under the stream of water so that it covers well and, later, dry it completely.

Earth: The earth is another of the alternatives to clean and purify this type of esoteric stone. You only have to bury the rose quartz in it for a minimum of five days.

Moon: The purification of rose quartz can also be done by taking advantage of the waning phase of the moon. To do this, you have to put the rose quartz in a container with transparent quartz and place it in a window at home. It should not be left in the open air – throughout the night. In the morning, you should remove the container and store the rose quartz in a box or velvet or felt bag, among other materials. Then, when the crescent or full moon phase arrives, it is placed in a container and put back on the window for 24 hours, but taking care that it does not receive direct sunlight and indirect sunlight.

Properties of rose quartz

Although rose quartz is known as the stone of love, it has more properties, and not all of them are related to finding the ideal partner. What are the powers of rose quartz? These are the main ones:

Properties of rose quartz related to feelings: according to esotericism, rose quartz helps both in love and lack of love, facilitating the expression of feelings towards that person. But, it is also beneficial to love yourself more, improve self-esteem, and strengthen and enhance relationships with those around us because it cleanses negative energies. Discover here everything that quartz of this color can bring you in the field of love and more Amulets for love.
Healing-related properties of rose quartz: The powers of rose quartz also curb health problems, especially those related to electronic devices and electromagnetic waves.

Meaning of rose quartz

The most important meaning of rose quartz is linked to love and harmony. Not surprisingly, among the powers of rose quartz is its ability to connect soulmates and heal the wounded heart, thus ending lovesickness.

How to charge rose quartz

In addition to purifying the rose quartz, it may also need to be charged. But how do you energize rose quartz? It is very simple. You just have to keep in mind that first, you have to clean it with any of the methods that we have discussed previously, and then load it.

To charge rose quartz or energize it, follow these steps:

  • Wait for the full moon phase to recharge.
  • Clean the rose quartz, as we have indicated before.
  • Leave it exposed to the light of the full moon but indoors, next to a window with the blind raised and without drawing the curtains.
  • The next day, in the morning, it will be full of energy and you can use it again. That’s how easy it is to energize rose quartz.

Rose quartz: how to use it

Rose quartz can be used in many ways. One of the most common and simple is simply as a stone, one of the variants being a figure or amulet made with it.

In addition, it is also common for it to be used as jewelry. For example, it is very common to use it in pendants, earrings, bracelets or rings.

Where to take rose quartz

The easiest way to wear rose quartz is to do it as a jewel, as an amulet. The best option is the pendant because it allows you to be close to the heart to protect feelings, attract love, and rid yourself of all negative energies.

With these tips on how to clean rose quartz, we hope we have helped you learn more about its powers and meanings, as well as its cleansing and purification, and about how to re-incorporate positive energy to act and protect you.

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