Five Online Games That Can Help You Relieve Stress

The gaming industry has been receiving lots of attention in the last few years, it is only natural for several across the world to have taken a fancy to video games, which are becoming increasingly popular by the day.

Video games are known as a great stress reliever to many, and they can also be played to pass the time during our leisure time. Many people see video games as a stress reliever and also a way to help them develop their minds. In this article from , we will be listing out a few of the online games that will give their players some mental health benefits.


This game is famously known to be the original match-3 game, and it is most popular in the mobile gaming industry. Bejeweled’s gameplay is quite simple when you play it, the players have to look for three gems possessing the same colour and swap them to the adjacent ones to move the puzzle. That’s all the game entails, you just have to meet the objective of the game.

Idle Games

Idle games are another kind of famous game that is semi-passive, which also means that you’ll be spending quite the time in front of the screen watching the gameplay. From levelling up to fighting monsters and collecting golds, looting, and many more, all of these will be done by the game, while you’ll be staring right into the screen.


Farmville is quite interesting to play, and it is relatively popular among many gamers across the world. Being easy to play with, all the players need to do is put in the seeds and wait for some time before harvesting the fruits and veggies when they are ripe. In Farmville, you can help your friends in your network by sending seeds to them.

Online Casinos

Online casinos underwent a recent surge in the last few years, especially in 2020 when the world was on lockdown with people having plenty of time in their hands. The most popular types of online casino games are poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and many others. You can even choose to play live poker or video to gain a similar experience to that of the land-based casinos. There are thousands of online casino sites like best online casinos usa available on the internet, and it shouldn’t be hard for players to pick one high-quality platform to enjoy casino games.


This is similar to watching your local TV, spectating is when you watch other people play various games and live-stream them for people to see. There are channels on YouTube and Twitch where you easily pick any choice of your content. From the retro games to battle royale and even slice of life, all these and more can be found on Twitch. It can help as a great stress reliever.

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