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Four Monarchs of England and the Changes that They Made

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For hundreds of years, Britain has been ruled by many different monarchs. With a long and at times bloody history, the monarchs who ruled over the country also are in many ways responsible for many of the things that we are used to in modern life. Here are four former monarchs of England, who made changes and brought in new ideas that changed the country and then the world…

King Athelstan – This is the first King who ruled the whole of England (before this it was broken up into regions ruled by different kings). He was known to be a strong and firm King who quickly brought in boundaries and laws across the entire kingdom. Theft was one of the main things that the King sought to crack down on during his rule and he also introduced something else to the country that is now part and parcel of everyday life – the pound sterling. The coins of this era are still around, and are early examples of English currency – if you think you have found a coin dating back to this time it is worth taking it to this coin valuers UK based company to find out more about it.

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King Henry VIII – One of the most well-known Kings of England Henry VIII was responsible for many of the changes to life in England and many of the organisations which we now know. Probably the most famous change brought in by Henry was the dissolution of the monasteries and the creation of the Church of England. Henry excommunicated the pope who at the time was in charge of the Catholic church in England and also many of the laws in England and other Catholic countries, when the pope refused him the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Henry VIII was also responsible of the expansion of the Royal navy, taking a keen interest in ensuring that England had plentiful vessels to defend the island nation, as well as for exploration and trade.

Queen Elizabeth I – Considered one of the greatest monarchs to rule England, Queen Elizabeth chose to never marry so that the country would not be influenced by the interests of others. She had a keen interest in all forms of the arts – from literature to architecture, and creativity was part and parcel of living in Elizabethan England. Theatres, as well as beautiful buildings such as Longleat were built during the time that Elizabeth ruled. She also ensured that England was prosperous, with economic policies and strong trade relations with other countries.

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Queen Victoria – Another of England’s great monarchs, the Victorian era was a long one as the Queen was on the throne from 1837 – 1901. Queen Victoria was heavily involved in the plight of the poor and during her reign saw a lot of social changes that helped poor people, such as housing reformations and charities such as healthcare and education. She was a strong supporter of the Empire and during her time the British Empire was at its strongest.

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