How Does CCTV Help the Police?

CCTV is a surveillance technique that allows the police to watch what goes on in the city. When homeowners install home security cameras, the footage that might capture a crime being committed can help the police to identify the culprits. There are pros and cons to using this technology. In general, it is better to use it in combination with other methods such as motion sensor lighting and effective locks. For more information on CCTV Manchester, visit a site such as

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As a deterrent, CCTVs can make people think twice before they commit a crime. Studies of the effectiveness of CCTV in Britain have shown that it increases the number of crimes recorded. The cameras also help the police identify crimes that would otherwise go unreported. In addition to crime detection, CCTV also increases the public’s awareness of crime which helps to prevent it as well as encourages people to report it. The footage from security cameras can be used as evidence in court.

Some studies have shown that CCTV helps the police in more serious cases. Typically, CCTV is used for more serious crimes. For example, banks have installed CCTV around their staff and cash machines to deter robberies.

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CCTV as used by the police achieves several aims: it provides reassurance, encourages economic well being, maintains public order, gives evidence needed by enforcement agencies and helps to deter public order offences and nuisance.

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