How to Get Rid of Skunks

A skunk (not to be confused with the polecat!) Is pretty cute … … except when it damages the garden and around the house!

At that point, we only want to know how to get rid of it quickly. Not to mention that their smell is really pestilential! Fortunately, there are simple tips to keep skunks away from your home. We have selected the most effective tips to help you hunt them quickly. Look :

  1. Use human hair

Have you spotted a skunk settling in a hole, under the shed, behind a pile of wood? So here’s the perfect trick to dislodge it. Just put some human hair in its hiding place. You can recover them on a brush or a comb for example. It is an excellent natural repellant. The skunk will quickly move!

How to Get Rid of Skunks

  1. Don’t leave trash lying around

It sometimes happens that a garbage bag is left in front of the door or on the terrace, enough time to take it down to the dumpster. This is a bad idea because it is the best way to attract greedy skunks or raccoons. It is best to put your garbage in a tightly closed bin so as not to attract it. Just install a device to block the cover or simply place a heavy object (such as a stone) on the cover.

  1. Use an ultrasonic repellent

As with hunting moles, you can install an ultrasonic device like this to scare them away. The advantage of this small investment is that you will hunt not only skunks but also cats, stray dogs, raccoons …

  1. Sprinkle their hiding place with water

If skunks have settled on your property, you can try hosting their hiding place with a jet of water. It should be enough to get them out and scare them. Be careful not to get soaked!

  1. Use chicken wire

If your land is not too big or you just want to protect part of it (your vegetable garden for example), you can install chicken wire. You can also put some under your shed. It is really not expensive and the skunks will not be able to cross it. If you know where the skunk’s hiding place is, block its access with this fence. When she sees that she can no longer enter it, she will move to another place.

  1. Use mothballs

Do you certainly know the mothballs? Do you know that it is also a good repellant against skunks? The results are sometimes uneven but it’s definitely worth a try. Do not forget to renew them after a downpour because wet, they are less effective.

  1. Clean up your garden

When you have a garden with fruit trees, there are always fruits that fall to the ground because of the wind or because they are too ripe. For skunks and other rodents, this represents a real feast! To prevent them from inviting each other, fruit, nuts and other seeds that have fallen on the ground must be regularly collected. If there is no food around, there is less chance that skunks will settle there.

  1. Remove the piles of leaves

It’s a bit the same principle with the leaves. When they fall, you pick them up to make a bunch. But this is not enough. Because this pile of leaves is full of small insects that skunks love to eat. Another great opportunity for skunks to go through your garden. Suddenly, it is better to empty these sheets at the recycling center.

  1. Use a motion detector

Skunks, like all rodents, are discreet. They prefer darkness. A motion sensor light is really effective in deterring them from coming to your house.

  1. Use an automatic sprinkler

If you have automatic watering, run it at night. You will kill several birds with one stone. First, you water your lawn. Then you save water since it will not evaporate. Finally, skunks will not like this nighttime shower. They will come to understand that they are not welcome.

How to get rid of the smell of skunks?

Did your pet have a bad idea of ​​crossing a skunk? The skunk may have sprayed it with foul-smelling liquid to defend itself.

To rid your dog or cat of this stench, there is a miracle recipe. Just mix 1 liter of hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide), 60 g of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of liquid dish soap.

Wash your doggie or kitty with this skunk odor shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.

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