Keeping the products on your shelves safe and secure

When you run a product business and you sell your items through a physical store, you will want to know that you are doing all you can to keep those products safe until they are purchased. Shoplifting can be a real problem for some businesses, especially those that have high ticket items such as alcohol and electronic goods. In order to help secure your products, there are a number of things that you can do.

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CCTV – a good CCTV Installation Gloucester company such as be able to provide you with CCTV as a security measure for your business. Not only can you have cameras on the outside of your shop to monitor it after hours, but you can also have cameras in the store to help provide evidence in the event of a shoplifter taking items.

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Security Tags – these tags can be placed on your high priced items or on items that could easily be stolen. Clothing and jewellery are popular items to have tagged, as is alcohol and electronic products. The tags can be placed on the items to make them impossible to use. Some are linked to store alarm systems that will sound if the tag has not been deactivated at the till upon purchase.

Security Staff – large stores also employ the services of security staff who will wander the store to ensure that no shoplifters are attempting robberies. They can also be stationed at camera stations where they can keep an eye on the monitors and check multiple areas of the store at once.

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