A little history of Merthyr Tydfil

There are many towns in the region of South Wales and Merthyr Tydfil is one of them. It owes its name and roots to an incident that happened in the Dark Ages. In 480 AD the local Pagans were not happy with the Christian faith of Tydfil, the daughter of King Brychan. They were so unhappy they removed her. However, Tydfil had the last word, she was later made a Saint. Merthyr means Martyr which poor Tydfil was.

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Down through the centuries, Merthyr was little more than a settlement for the sheep and cattle that populated the valleys and mountains of south Wales.  All of this was set to change with the Industrial Revolution.  The huge Industries that sprung out of this time needed to be powered and coal was the main source.  South Wales contains a particularly high-yielding sort of coal that was highly sought after and there was much prosperity and work brought to the region.

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By the mid-1970s it was clear that this was also coming to an end and the valleys and South Wales entered into a period of deep depression.  Finding work is difficult in Merthyr which was greatly affected by this change but some outlets can be looked at to gain experience. Volunteer Jobs Merthyr Tydfil and throughout South Wales can really give somebody the edge when it comes to looking for employment and seeking a new job.

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