Myths and Legends about the Sun

The sun is undoubtedly the giver of life and as such, has played an essential role in folklore throughout the history of humankind. The mystery and power of the sun has intrigued and inspired us since the dawn of time. Here are a few of those myths and legends about our nearest star:

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  1. Hou Yi

Chinese mythology contains a tale about the sky having ten suns. A goddess called Shiho would pick one up every day and wheel it across the sky in her chariot. The other nine would play. One day, the suns got bored and decided to all run across the sky at once but this caused drought on earth. The sun god Dijun called upon an archer, Hou Yi, to hunt and kill the suns. Thankfully, he left one as a small boy stole his last arrow which saved earth from eternal darkness. To harness the power of the sun, consider Solar Panel Installers Clevedon by visiting

2. Sol

In Norse mythology, the sun goddess Sol travels across the sky as she is chased by a wolf trying to kill her. An eclipse would signal that the wolf was perilously close to catching her! During the end of days, known as Ragnarok, the sun would be devoured and the earth flooded as the Gods battled and killed one another.

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3. Ra

Egyptian mythology tells of the sun god Ra and how he captained a ship across the sky manned by the gods. During the night, Ra would return to the underworld to bring light to the dead. An eclipse was viewed as an evil serpent god trying to devour Ra.

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