10 things to know about septum piercing

Do you feel like you are seeing more and more septum piercing ?! Well, it is! We will, therefore, begin this article by thanking personalities like Rihanna, Willow Smith, or Scarlett Johansson who gave a new image to this piercing, formerly often associated with the punk look.

Given that more and more people want this piercing, we decided to give you a little recap of the 10 things to know about it to help you get the job done

1- Why have the septum pierced?septum piercing

The septum piercing has a major advantage that few piercings have: it is possible to hide it. Indeed, if you wear a horseshoe (as it is often proposed during the healing time) you can turn it inside your nose. And there, neither seen nor known! No one will see that you have a piercing. It is therefore a fairly practical aspect, especially if you like piercings but you work in an environment where they are (unfortunately) not accepted.

In addition, even if more and more people have a septum piercing, it remains quite original. Thanks to the wide range of jewelry available in MBA – My Body Art stores, you can choose the style you want to reflect.

2- Does the septum piercing hurt?septum piercing

This is the question that many people ask themselves and it is completely normal! There is bad news and good news. The bad news is that yes, like any piercing, the septum piercing also hurts. We pierce your skin with a needle so necessarily, it will not be the most pleasant moment of your life! But do you want the good news? It only lasts a few seconds!

As it is a piercing which is carried out inside your nostrils it is very common that it comes to tickle your nose. So, often one or two small tears may run down your cheeks when piercing, it’s a completely normal reaction given the pierced area.

3- But in fact the septum, where is it?

The first thing to know is that no, the septum piercing does not touch the cartilage of the nose if it is well done. It is better for you besides because if it touched this bony part believe me you would feel it pass!

The part to be pierced is the mole area at the entrance to your nostrils. This wall between the two nostrils can be more or less thin depending on the person.

The fact that this part is soft makes drilling quite fast. What is difficult for the piercer is to be sure to pierce in a straight and aesthetic way. It is therefore normal that it waits for a little before launching but do not forget: a piercer who takes his time is a good piercer and the result will only be better

4- What care to do after a septum piercing?

You can find all the information to properly clean your septum piercing here.

Do not forget that a healthy piercing is a piercing that is left alone. So, do not rotate your piercing all the time since it tears off the small crusts formed around the hole and causes you micro-lesions. Also, don’t touch your piercing with dirty hands. Keep in mind that your hands are always dirty unless you just washed them (with soap!) Or you wear gloves. In other words, do not touch your piercing until the treatment when you will be careful to have washed your hands.

It is possible to catch small infections during the healing of the septum piercing but this is very rare. Indeed, the septum is realized only in one place: on a mucous membrane. His particularity? It is self-cleaning. So, in addition to your efforts to clean your piercing, your body also takes care of cleaning itself. Practical, right ?!

5- How long does the healing of the septum piercing last?

You can count between 3 and 4 months minimum for the total healing of your septum piercing. These figures are only an average and it can differ from one person to another so don’t worry if your piercing takes a little longer! Remember that patience is the key to a successful piercing!

During the healing period, it is forbidden to change jewelry! Doing so would cause complications on the healing of your piercing since you could injure yourself by changing the jewel since the canal is not healed. In addition, it is the best way to bring bacteria into it.

6- How do I change my jewelry?septum piercing

Once you think your piercing has healed, come back to us in the shop. If we validate the healing, you can change your jewelry! Changes are free at MBA – My Body Art as long as the jewelry comes from us.

It is necessary to have a piercing jewel at the right size and adapted to your morphology. For example, jewelry that is too small will compress your piercing thus creating irritation while jewelry that is too thin will have a “thread to cut butter” effect on the hole of the piercing. Ouch! But don’t worry: our sellers will be able to advise you on the most suitable piece of jewelry for your nose.

7- When is it best to have the septum pierced?

There is not a more recommended period than another for septum piercing. You just have to keep in mind a few simple and logical things.

For example, if you are allergic to pollen, avoid spring to get pierced. Repeated blowing your nose can cause pain but also lengthen the healing time.

Don’t come and get your septum pierced if you have a cold. If you are just sneezing and blowing your nose wound healing can be complicated.

Finally, you could tell yourself that the easiest way is to get a breakthrough in the summer to be sure not to get sick but be careful! As with any piercing, it is necessary to wait 1 month before bathing, don’t forget!

8- Can everyone have their septum pierced?

Unfortunately not. Certain morphology prevents being able to carry out the piercing with the septum correctly. It is therefore necessary that you trust the piercer. If he tells you that you shouldn’t do it, then you shouldn’t do it!

9- What happens if you want to remove your septum piercing?

The advantage of the septum is that you can decide to remove it without leaving a visible scar since it is in your nose!

Depending on the number of months or years since you are pierced, the hole may or may not close. And even if it does not close it is not disturbing since the hole is absolutely tiny (less than 2mm).

10- Prepare for comments

It is necessary that you mentally prepare yourself for your friends, family, or even strangers to give an opinion, even a judgment, on the septum piercing. Why? For the simple and good reason that it is a piercing which is not very common and which is often still associated with the rebellious image which it formerly reflected. The sentence “ It’s still a little cow, right? ! ” will end up being told you sooner or later, but stay calm and tell yourself that all the people who have this piercing have been there and survived it … one day, everyone will be as cool as you.

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