Why Mallorca wants to limit the number of hire cars

Calls are being made to the Balearic government to put limits on the number of hire cars permitted to drive on Mallorca’s roads between the months of April and September. The Civil Society Forum, made up of unions, associations and environmentalist groups, wants to ensure that no more than 25,000 hire cars are on the roads during the summer season.

Why are people asking for limits on hiring cars in Mallorca?

While there are other areas up for debate, such as limiting the number and size of cruise ships that are permitted to enter Palma and banning private jets, hire cars are a hot topic of conversation due to the levels of traffic congestion that are plaguing roads across Mallorca.

It is difficult to calculate the total number of hired cars in Mallorca. However, the AEVAB association estimates that there are around 95,000 on the road during the peak tourist season.

Insuring your rental car in Mallorca

If you’re planning your next holiday to the beautiful island of Mallorca and you want to have the opportunity to explore at your own pace, hiring a car can be a great way to soak in the sights.

When hiring a vehicle, it is advisable to take out a car hire excess insurance policy, such as those seen at https://www.moneymaxim.co.uk/car-hire-excess-insurance, which will protect you from any excess charges incurred if your rental vehicle gets damaged.

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How to drive responsibly in Mallorca

Firstly, vehicles are required to drive on the right-hand side of the road, which means that you’ll need to overtake on the left. Speed limits in towns are typically 50 km/h, rising to 120 km/h on the motorway.

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It is worth noting that the Civil Guard can issue on-the-spot fines to drivers who are caught breaking the law. Additionally, there are speed cameras around the island and if you are caught speeding by one of these cameras, your vehicle rental company will be alerted.

Mallorca is an incredibly popular location for cyclists, so be sure to be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.

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