Three Foot Problems That People Experience in the Summer

When the weather warms up it is time to get the sandals and flip flops out and put away those winter shoes. However, this is also a time of the year that many people have problems with their feet and seek the help of a professional like this podiatrist Worcester based company to help to treat them.

Here are some of the common issues that people have with their feet in the summer months…

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Swelling – Something that many people suffer with at this time of the year is swollen feet. The swelling in the feet is caused by heat expanding the blood vessels, which can then make shoes more uncomfortable.

A cold bath for the feet, compression stockings and putting your feet up can all help to reduce swelling.

Fungal Infections – The heat can also cause fungal infections such as athletes’ feet to develop, usually in the gaps between your toes, as well as fungal nail infections. These are also highly contagious so you will need to treat it with an antibacterial foot powder to prevent passing it on to other people.

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Verrucae – As it gets warmer, many of us like to head to the local swimming pool or if you are lucky enough to have one nearby, an open-air lido. However, swimming pools are a breeding ground for verrucae, as the warm damp conditions enable them to spread. They are actually caused by a virus and there are various ways to treat them if they cause pain or discomfort when you are walking.

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