What does a PA do?

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A Personal Assistant is an invaluable role within any business, and in the modern digital age, this role can be achieved by a Virtual PA. The PA’s responsibilities can vary depending on the needs of the employer, but here is a quick overview of some of the tasks that a PA typically completes.

Admin tasks: A range of admin tasks can be completed, such as scheduling appointments, maintaining calendars and organising meetings. Dealing with email correspondence, handling paperwork and drafting documents can also be included in the admin tasks performed by a PA.

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Travel Arrangements: Many PAs are responsible for making travel arrangements such as booking hotels, transportation and flights. They play a key role in ensuring that individuals from the business reach their destinations on time and with relative ease.

Research: The type of research that a PA may be asked to conduct will depend on the kind of work that the business carries out. This could be market trend research or looking at potential business opportunities and new markets that could be explored.

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Personal Tasks: There are occasions when a PA might be asked to carry out some personal tasks for a member of staff, such as making dinner reservations or buying gifts. This will again depend very much on the business.

Event Planning: A PA will often support the planning and coordinating of events. This can include conferences, business meetings and parties. They usually manage all the logistical planning invitations and ensure everything runs smoothly.

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