How to make your wedding memories last

You won’t want to hide your wedding pictures in a cabinet after spending a fortune on the big day. Your beautiful photos should be displayed in your home. Here are a few great ideas to make your happy memories a part of the decor in your home:

Canvas Prints

The best way to display your wedding celebrations would be to choose your favourite photos for a large print on canvas or several smaller prints displayed. These prints will be eye-catching and look like works of art. They are a great addition to the newlyweds’ living room decor. To book an Indian Wedding Photographer Cambridge, consider

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You can relive the best moments of your life for 12 months by putting up a calendar. You can even print several copies and give them to family members as gifts for Christmas, especially if the people who contributed to your big day were involved. This is a great way to say thank you for their help.

Photo Strips

Hanging photo strips can be a fun and contemporary way to decorate a room. Hang the funniest moments of your nuptials on a photo wall hanging to add a quirky touch to any room. This is a unique look that your guests are sure to appreciate.

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Coffee Table Portfolio

Create a coffee-table book that includes all of your wedding photos and memorabilia for the ultimate in designer chic. It will not only look great in your living area, but it will also encourage you and any visitors to take a look and admire it. This is a beautiful and timeless memento of your most memorable day.

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