Common Public Speaking Mistakes

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One of the most common public speaking mistakes is to try to sell your expertise by lecturing your audience. While an expert is supposed to know their subject matter inside and out, many experts make this mistake. It’s easy to alienate an audience when you speak down to them or sound like you are lecturing. This makes your audience wary and may even damage your reputation.

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Instead of lecturing people about something that’s important to you, consider using a presentation to share your expertise. A humble approach works well to initially engage an audience. You find their time valuable and hope that they enjoy the information and expertise you wish to impart to them.

Moving around the stage while presenting, demonstrates excitement and passion and can similarly keep an audience on tenterhooks. Likewise, you should use your hands to convey emotion, but make sure to keep them natural. Flamboyant arm gestures can make your audience laugh, so be sure to keep this in mind. For help with Public speaking courses, contact

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Another common public speaking mistake is trying to deliver too much information. Public speakers who give their audience too much information may overwhelm them and risk them switching off. Instead of giving the audience too much information, focus on the details that they need to know and not on everything you have to say. The mind can only handle so much information in a sitting. Besides, it’s best to keep your speech short and sweet. Using these tips and tricks will help you improve your presentation the next time.


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