Who discovered Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s Disease falls under the umbrella of Dementia, and it is a condition that affects the brain. The symptoms that are experienced by an individual will progress over time, and they may need additional support from those who work in Care Jobs Gloucester way or local to the individual’s home. It is a disease that has been studied since 1906 when it was first reported by Alois Alzheimer to a meeting of the South-West German Psychiatrists at their November gathering.

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Alois himself was a psychiatrist and a neuroanatomist with a keen interest in our neurology and how the brain functioned. He had been treating a 50-year-old lady for paranoia. Over the time that he treated her, he noticed a progression in problems with sleep, aggression, confusion and disturbance in her memory. All of these conditions progressed over time until she died five years later.

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He was intrigued by the symptoms and the progression of the issues that the lady experienced, and this led him to look further into this after her death. He noticed that there were plaques and what are known as neurofibrillary tangles in the makeup of the brain. At the time, his findings did not pique much interest, but he continued to carry out further case studies and published many more of these before his death in 1915. We now recognise the work that he undertook as the first small steps to identifying and understanding this degenerative disease.

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