How extreme weather can affect your roof

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We’ve all seen news reports of homes that have had their roofs ripped off after a violent storm and it is a sight that no one wants to see and certainly no one wants to experience for themselves. The roofs on our buildings are there to help protect us from the elements and to give us a warm environment in which we can live and work. There are a number of elements to this including the wooden structure that makes up the roof, the material  is then laid across this and finally the tiles and shingles are then secured in place by Roof sealant like that from CT1

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Weather can have a number of impacts on your roof. Wind, for instance, can cause your tiles and shingles to lift from their resting place and in extreme cases, they can cause the tiles to fall off completely. When this happens it is important to have the tiles replaced as soon as you are able to, to help prevent water from entering the internal roof space.

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Water from heavy rain can leak into your roof and it can then cause water damage to occur in your attic space and in extreme cases right through onto the ceiling of your uppermost floor. Heavy downpours can also cause your gutters to be overwhelmed with water, especially if they are blocked with leaves and other debris. This can cause water to gush down the side of your home and can cause water staining and dampness.

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