Why personalities matter in teams

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When working as a part of, or managing a team, it is important to think about the kinds of personalities that you have in the team. These personalities can either work together to bring about the goals that you have set in the best way possible or they can lead to some issues and conflict along the way. Ultimately you want your teams to get to the point where you can gather them together and give them the Team Gifts that you have arranged from Miller and Co.

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Within any team, there will always be a period of time where everyone is getting to know one another and settling into their roles. The length of time that it takes to work through this period will depend on how big your team is and how well they work together. The personal characteristics of your team members can also have an impact on this. For example, extroverts accept change much easier than introverts do.

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You will also want to ensure that you have a mixture of people who are more analytically focused in their outlooks as well as those who are more people-focused. This will help you to not only ensure that you have all of the data aspects of the project focused as well as ensuring that everyone is working well together.

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