Who were the first accountants

As the human race began to develop it soon became clear that the system of  bartering and exchange wasn’t going to be a viable long term financial solution for the transfer of services and goods. This became even more apparent when the early civilisations and city states such as the Indus Valley, Babylon and Persia began to develop at pace.  The introduction of market places meant it was impossible for the economy to function in any meaningful way. What was needed was a system of tokens that represented the value of something and could be used as a mechanism of exchange rather than trying to guess how much livestock a few amphoras of wine were worth. Money was born.

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As soon as money is born the need to document it and show how much you have, or don’t have, was also born. It’s where a team of Accountants Bath based professionals like chippendaleandclark.com/accountant-in-bath/ come in. They can make sure that your finances are well accounted for.

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The Babyloninans were the first civilisation to make active use of accountants. They would show farmers and businesses where their money was coming from and how best to approach their taxes.  In many respects they were not so different from what an accountant today does. The Persian empire (modern Iran) was the first to have what we would recognise as accountants as they were the first to create negative numbers. The Phoencians–  (modern Lebanon and Israel) were known as excellent seafarers and traders, they were able to build the first Empire based on commerce rather than warriors and conquest.

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