How Do Architects Plan a Site?

One of the first steps in designing a building is to create a site plan. Usually known as a study, a site plan is a way for architects to get an overview of the location. It helps them know how much space they have and what the surrounding area looks like. Hard to reach or awkward locations can be surveyed thanks to drone technology. Find out more about Drone Filming London by contacting a site such as If there are limitations on the site, this can drastically alter an architect’s plans.

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It’s important to communicate clearly and openly with an architect. The architect should be able to respond to any questions or concerns that you have and review drawings as soon as possible. It’s also important to keep in mind that your architect cannot account for delays in the process that are caused by the client.

An architect’s site plan shows the parts of the site where construction will take place. They also include information on parking, signage, and traffic flow. Architects must also consider emergency situations. For example, they must include features for emergency staff and occupants in the event of a fire.

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Site plans can also show the relationship between buildings. A 2D plan focuses on calling out measurements, while a 3D site plan is more focused on visual details. Architects can even use virtual reality these days to get a feel for how a site will function before it is even built.


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