The changing face of money

For the last 70 years or so, our money has been consistent. Especially the face on one side of it. That is all going to have to change following the death of Queen Elizabeth the Second. When a monarch changes, there is a handover to the new sovereign, and this means that everything has to be changed. This change of money is of no consequence to Bookkeepers Hereford way or anywhere else for that matter. They will still make sure your accounts are up to date regarding who appears on them.

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Charles the third comes to the throne as the oldest man to ever become King. He has been a Prince for most of his life and now suddenly finds himself thrust onto the throne. Eventually, the notes and coins in our pockets will bear his resemblance. Plans have already been put in place to make sure this goes ahead with the minimum fuss. Slowly the money with the Queen’s head on it will come back into the bank of England to be destroyed. We should start to see these coins come out over the next few months. Charles will face the left, as is the custom, as his mother’s face was to the right.

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It won’t be a sudden change. Coins with King George the Sixth were still in circulation some twenty years after his death, so we can expect to be using both monarchs for some time yet.

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