Wildlife that you Could See on Your Trip to Scotland

Scotland is a country that has it all if you are looking to enjoy spending time outdoors. From adrenaline fuelled sports that you can enjoy like Loch Lomond Quad biking here https://lochlomondquads.co.uk to the rambles around the beautiful countryside where many people will feel inspired by the scenery that Scotland has in abundance.

Something else that many people like to do when they are in Scotland, is to keep a lookout for the various animals that live there – Scotland is a nature lover’s paradise, and here are three creatures that you might spot on your trip there…

Otters – These notoriously secretive animals were once threatened to near extinction in the UK. However, they have made a big comeback, and Scotland is a well-known place to spot these beautiful animals in the wild.

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Red Squirrels – The squirrel that is native to the UK is sadly few and far between nowadays, as the grey squirrels have dominated much of the country. However, due to good conservation work, there are areas where you may be lucky enough to spot these charming creatures, and Scotland is one of those places.

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Deer – There are lots of deer native to Scotland, and the landscape with the highlands and the forests provides them with the perfect habitat. Keep your eyes peeled in the Autumn in particular, when the males put on impressive displays and literally lock horns as they fight for a mate.

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