Techniques that can be used gain entry to an office

It certainly pays thieves to gain access to offices. Not only can they steal valuable equipment they can also take photos of personal data or take data via memory sticks. It is imperative that you know exactly who is coming in and out of the building. One surefire way of stopping the wrong type of person getting into your office is to have a robust entry and exit system. This should enable you to keep total control of the flow of staff and visitors. A Visitor sign in system like that from will give you that peace of mind.

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However, there are still ways that criminals will try to gain entry and it is a good idea to be wary of them. Making your staff aware of the problem via training is also highly recommended. One of the most popular ways to gain access to restricted areas is the “heavy package trick”, Someone will walk up to a door with a large parcel and try to open the door. A helpful staff member comes along and being a good samaritan opens the door for them. Access has been granted.

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In a similar vein, if a staff member has scanned their card to gain access the intruder will say “hold the door for me!” and, being polite and good neighbourly, the member of staff obliges without checking to see if the new person has a badge of their own.

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