Do You Know the White Candle Meaning and Materials?

Surely you have some decorative candles at home or, perhaps, you light them to decorate your home, dinner or space. What you probably don’t know is that each candle has a specific meaning, either because of its color, because of what it conveys the movement and height of its flame, because of the way it is consumed. Candles are also a great source of illumination, have a special power, so they are used in multiple rituals. Next, we explain the white candle meaning and their elements that symbolize neatness, intimacy and purity through their color.

White candle meaning

The intimacy of people, fertility, purity, neatness, humility, creativity and imagination are some aspects that the essence of the white color gives off. If it is also reproduced on a candle, its influence and power are even greater.

The color white tends to cause more effective in women than in men, especially in terms of purity and fertility. In addition, it stands out in the female anatomical icons: fertility and breasts. However, it can serve as a source of inspiration for both sexes to unleash their creativity and imagination and the development of artistic activities.

The white candles are widely used in magic rituals

Because it is a versatile color, i.e., with multiple values. Likewise, they are considered “neutral” candles, since they can be used at any time. The white color is one that brings together the entire chromatic range. From this color, all the others are born. Hence its purity stands out. That is why a white candle can replace another in any ritual.

Fertility is one of the greatest meanings of the color white

It is necessary to remember that this candle exerts effects directly on issues such as motherhood, family and protection – especially if we are talking about small children – and the strengthening of family ties. We must distinguish between love, sex, and fertility or family. The white candles do not represent love, but purity and reinforce all those family relationships, which are not loving.

The white color of the candles also helps to attract all positive energies, while helping individuals to foster relationships based on sincerity, truth, honesty, innocence, hope, simplicity and purity. Placing white candles in the home will help increase all these true feelings while allowing real relationships to be strengthened.

White candles are the symbol of the Moon

So it is a color that increases spiritual strength while showing a full meaning of faith, purity, truth and sincerity; feelings that can help end adverse conditions and curses. White is the color of colors, so it is very positive always to have a white candle close by, as it will help you to cleanse the aura.

White candles: Ritual for love

If you want to improve harmony with your partner, this ritual will help you find tranquillity in your relationship.


  • Two white candles
  • Red ink
  • Paper
  • Two crystal glasses
  • Wooden matches


  1. Do this ritual on a night with the crescent moon.
  2. Light the two candles with a wooden match and put them next to each other.
  3. With red ink, write your name on a piece of paper and your partner’s name on another piece of paper.
  4. Burn one of the papers with the flame of one of the candles and the other paper with the flame of the other candle, letting the ashes fall around the candles.
  5. As you burn the pieces of paper, think about the good times you have had in your relationship and the love you profess for your partner.
  6. Cover the candles with the crystal glasses, letting the flame go out by itself.

White candles: Ritual to attract money

This is a ritual that must be performed when we need money. Or when we have financial difficulties.


  • A white candle
  • A glass or crystal glass
  • Water
  • Coarse or sea salt


  1. Light the candle in a glass or crystal glass, which you have filled with water and coarse salt.
  2. Place it in a quiet place in the house, without the presence of other people who, with their energy, can distort the effect of the ritual.
  3. Let stand for 2 hours. After that time, wash your hands with that water and think about the money you need and visualize it in your hands. Then let your hands air dry, do not dry them with towels or similar, as the ritual will lose the effect.

White candles: Ritual to cleanse your home of negative energies

This ritual eliminates negative energies and bad vibes, especially after fights or ill-intentioned visits, where the environment feels heavy.


  • White candles (4)
  • White quartz (4)
  • Small White Ceramic Plates (4)
  • Wooden matches


Close all the doors of the house and close the curtains of the windows, try to get as little outside light as possible. In the center of the house, I place the plates with the candles and to one side of each candle the quartz.

Light the candles and leave them lit for at least two hours to absorb bad energies. After that minimum time, open the doors and windows, let the drafts blow out the candles. Before doing this ritual again, you must clean the quartz.

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