What to do when your boiler starts humming away to itself

Our heating systems are incredibly important for providing us with the warm water that we need for our showers and baths and heating our homes when the weather starts to become colder and wetter. Without a heating system our homes would be very cold. Therefore it is important to ensure that you check the system and have a Boiler Service Gloucester come to your property every year to check the system is working effectively and safely.

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There are occasions when you start to notice odd noises coming from your boiler and these can be humming noises. These humming, rumbling noises can be as a result of rust and other bits of sediment and limescale being caught in your system. As these bits of rubbish heat up they expand and start to rattle against your systems cylinders.

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It can also be as a result of your water pressure being too high. If there is too much pressure being placed on the valves as the water is flowing through your system you can find that a rumbling noise occurs. This can be fixed relatively easily by adjusting the pressure in your system. This is something that you can ask to be checked in your service.

Lastly a humming noise can also be caused by the fan in your system. If the bearings in the fam become worn or even loose they can rumble around with your fan making a humming noise.

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