Breaking Bad characters: What are the famous characters

“Breaking Bad” is a popular TV show about a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, diagnosed with lung cancer. He decides to start cooking and selling methamphetamines to provide for his family after he dies. The show has been successful because it follows the journey of Walter’s descent into darkness as he becomes more and more power hungry. It also shows how this affects those around him, such as his wife, children and friends. Along the way, we experience the emotional toll that drug addiction takes on people and their families and what happens when you cross certain lines to get ahead in life. This blog post will explore some of our favorite Breaking Bad characters.

Breaking Bad characters

Breaking Bad characters

Jesse’s character is always trying to do the right thing but frequently finds himself in trouble. He tries his hardest to keep from engaging in Walter White’s lifestyle of cooking and selling meth, but whenever he feels left out or threatened by Walt’s new ventures, Jesse can’t help himself. It is easy to be sympathetic towards him despite his mistakes since Walt is always manipulating him into things that he doesn’t want to do. Read more: Top Five Eiko Ishioka Costume Designs in Movies

Walter White

Walt is an interesting character because he starts as a nerdy yet lovable chemistry teacher. He has a very strong moral code and would never think to do anything wrong. However, we see him change for the show into a ruthless drug dealer who does whatever it takes to provide for his family. We can feel sympathy towards him initially when he is diagnosed with lung cancer, but as the show progresses, his actions become more and more questionable. One of my favorite Walter White quotes would have to be when he explains how much easier it is for him to justify everything by saying, “I didn’t choose the life, Jesse. You can read also: What are sponges used for in minecraft

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse is Walt’s former student and current business partner in the meth business. He starts as a small time drug dealer selling to kids at his high school but eventually gets deeper into the drug world. He is also kind of dumb and does whatever Walt tells him to do no matter how bad it sounds which can get them both in trouble. One of my favorite Jesse Pinkman quotes was when he said, “Yeah! Yeah, okay, okay, okay, okay.”

Gus Fring

Gus is Walt’s rival in the meth business. He runs a fast food chain that acts as a front for selling drugs. Gus tends to stay in the shadows and uses his henchmen, Mike and Tyrus, to do most of his dirty work. Gus is the only person who seems capable of outwitting Walter throughout the show. Learn more: Junjou romantica season 4 episode 1

Hank Schrader

Hank is Walter’s brother-in-law. An FBI agent works with his partner, Steve Gomez, to bring down the meth drug ring that they know killed a rival dealer. Hank doesn’t like Walt at first but eventually warms up to him after realizing that Walt has cancer and only has a few years left. He also realizes that Walt is just trying to provide for his family.

Huell Babineaux

Huell is one of Saul’s henchmen. He mainly serves as comic relief and isn’t very bright, but he proves to be useful when needed. His have great comedic timing with his partner in crime, Kuby.

Skyler White

Skyler is Walter’s wife. She starts as a complacent and stay at home mother but eventually gets drawn into the world of drug dealing when she has to help Walt launder his dirty money. Her main goal throughout the show is protecting her family no matter what happens and we can’t help but sympathize with her.

Jane Margolis

Jane is Jesse’s girlfriend. She starts out using drugs but eventually gets clean and becomes a stripper for a living. She seems to be the only person that Jesse ever really connected with and this leads him down a path of trouble when her drug addiction resurfaces.

Todd Alquist

Todd is one of the new characters introduced in Season 5. He works for Walt and Jesse under the guise of being a polite, innocent boy that they meet at their local laundry mat. However, when an opportunity arises to kill Jesse’s ex-girlfriend’s brother, who recently escaped from prison, Todd jumps at it without thinking about how it will affect Jesse. Despite his cheerful demeanor, he is actually a cold blooded killer that doesn’t show remorse for anything.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike is one of Gus’ henchmen and acts as a cleaner for any problems that might arise. He gets caught up in the meth business when he has to help protect Jesse from drug dealers trying to kill him. While it doesn’t seem like Mike likes Walt at first, he eventually becomes attached to him once he realizes that Walt is just trying to provide for his family.

I loved the Breaking Bad characters and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

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