Is Gossip Girl on Netflix?

Gossip Girl has captivated many viewers who wonder what happened to Gossip Girl on Netflix? Is Gossip Girl on Netflix? There are many rumors, and this has generated some doubts and questions from his fans. Wanting to know if Gossip Girl can continue to be seen on Netflix or not.

We reveal everything we know about the series and where you can enjoy it. Clarify with us all your concerns, but first, let’s remember what this popular series is about. Keep reading: Top Five Eiko Ishioka Costume Designs in Movies

Is Gossip Girl on Netflix?

Is Gossip Girl on Netflix

We would like to say that they are just rumors, but not friends. Gossip girl is no longer on Netflix! It is sad news, but a decision that was made last year. It was officially announced by Netflix through its same social networks.

Along with this popular series, other content left the platform; I’m talking about the Prince of Rap and Friends. Although these series were the favorites of many users, no one else will be able to see them on Netflix.

Why did Gossip Girl leave Netflix?

Every event has a reason. The fact that Netflix has decided to remove Gossip Girl from the screen also has it. We know that this popular service, when launching new programs must gradually eliminate others from its catalog since last year Gossip Girl was the chosen one.

The series ended its deal with Netflix and stopped airing. The main reason is that HBO’s new platform, HBO Max, obtained exclusive rights to Gossip Girl, as well as many other productions from The CW, its home network. Although many fans of the series have been affected by the news, it is a reality.

How long was Gossip Girl on Netflix?

A post on Twitter last year revealed the series’ farewell like this: “Thanks for all the laughs, gossip and coffee. I tried, friends. “We will only have the opportunity until December 31 to see The Prince of Rap, Gossip Girl and Friends on Netflix Latin America.

By January 2021, the entertaining series was no longer in the Netflix catalog. Only those who heard the news of his departure in advance were able to enjoy the last they managed to see of the series.

Where can we see Gossip Girl?

Since Gossip Girl is not on Netflix, people interested in seeing the series can enjoy it on HBO Max, where it premiered in July 2021, with the first 6 episodes of season 1. Very soon, the platform will be releasing more; It announced that the second part of season 1 would arrive in November 2021.

The main cast of Gossip Girl

This incredible series was made up of great screen performers. I show you the actors who gave it life, along with their respective characters. In some seasons, they played main characters, while some were in other seasons only as guests. These are the ones who stand out the most in the series:

  • Blake Lively: Serena Van der Woodsen
  • Leighton Meester: Blair Waldorf
  • Ed Westwick: Chuck Bass
  • Penn Badgley: Dan Humphrey
  • Chace Crawford: Nate Archibald
  • Kelly Rutherford: Lily Van ser Woodsen
  • Matthew Settle: Rufus Humphrey
  • Taylor Momsen: Jenny Humphrey

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