How to lose stubborn love handles fats

Do you feel an urge to hit the gym whenever you see photographs of the models donning beautiful apparel on their well-toned bodies? Shedding weight and keeping yourself fit is not impossible, and the Internet has many tips and tricks that will help you lose fat. Fitness experts comment that consistency is the key to weight loss. While the journey may not be impossible, it requires endurance, stamina, and persistency. Some people want to lose fat because they are battling health issues, and they understand that shedding weight will help them in recovery. Others want to achieve a well-toned body and appear sleek and skinny; thus, they indulge in workout sessions.

Many people start gym sessions with enthusiasm, but after two or three days, they feel unmotivated and lazy and stop exercising. Besides, exercise does not yield results instantly. Hence, people start feeling that their hard work is going in vain, and they halt their workout sessions. The truth is that the initial days of workouts are complicated. It takes at least two weeks before you start seeing the results of the exercise. Most people who want to acquire a lean body find shedding stubborn fat from love handles the most difficult.


The following are some of the activities which will help you in losing fat from love handles:


Resistance training workout helps in strengthening muscles and bones. Many people have a jam-packed schedule, and they find incorporating exercise in their busy routines challenging. A convenient way is to purchase sleek gym equipment for home, and it will serve as a reminder and motivate you to gear up for a workout. Markets have plenty of options, and you can buy one that is versatile and occupies little area. Ski movements are effective exercise and help in shedding fat fast from love handles. Getting one at home ski workout machine will help you lose extra fat as it’s’ handles. It offers a firm grip, and the ski motions produce enhanced oxygen consumption, which leads to calorie burn.


Contrary to popular belief, you need to spend your hard-earned money and get a gym membership to lose weight. You can do so without any fancy exercise machine. All you need is a mat for Russian twists, which you have to place on a flat surface. Sit on it with your knees bent and put your feet flat on the floor. Lean in a 45 degrees angle and clasp your hands together and touch the base on either side. Experts suggest that you start Russian twist without weight, and once you get into the routine and your body adjusts to it, you can lift the weights while doing these reps. Tightening your abdomen while leaning your torso back puts pressure on love handles. The repetitive cycle of Russian twist results in shedding stubborn fat.


Another easy to do exercise which you can indulge in at home is one hand to toe touch. It is a simple yet effective workout, and the good part is that it does not take long to show results. You need to sit straight on one folded leg while keeping the other one straight. Now bend your body and touch the toe of a straightened leg with the same side of the hand. And hold the position for at least 5 to 10 seconds. Lose your body and repeat the rep three to four times and do the same with another leg. The exercise helps in stretching muscles around the waist and abdominal area.


You might have heard of planks, and there are several modifications to it. Side planks are effective in losing fat, specifically from love handles. It would be better for a beginner to start from a primary side plank and gradually move towards intense side planks. To do the basic plank, you need to lie on your side and prop yourself on one arm. Keep your shoulder in parallel with your arm, and put your forearm straight on the ground. Place your legs one onto another and lie in a way that your body forms a straight line. Slowly raise your hips, with your knees still in contact with the ground. The critical point is to squeeze the gluteus and hold the move for about 20 to 30 seconds. Change the side and repeat the same rep and do cycle 4 to 5 times. 


If you have ever come across a mountain climber, you would have noticed that they keep fit and have a well-toned body. The sport of mountain climbing does not let fat accumulate around love handles. If it does, then they lose it conveniently by indulging again in mountain climbing. It will be best if you lay in a plank position for mountain climbing exercise, but instead of forearms, rest your body on your palms. Then lift your left foot and bring your right knee toward your left elbow. Repeat the movement now with the right foot and left elbow. A few minutes of mountain climbing workout for three to four days a week will lose the stubborn fat. 


Love handles are the areas around both sides of the stomach, and fats quickly get accumulated around this area. When someone puts on tight clothing, the extra fat around the waist becomes visible and often ruins the whole look. Losing weight from love handles is not a piece of cake, but it is doable. A prevalent misconception is that you need to join the gym to lose fat from that area of the body. Still, the truth is you can lose extra fat by regularly doing exercise.

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