10 Essentials for A Baby Bag

Once you become a parent, your priorities quickly change, and your child now takes up a lot of your time and thoughts. When heading out, you have to ensure that the baby is comfortable to avoid unmanageable tantrums while out in the public. Having a well-equipped baby bag might do the trick. Bubs warehouse baby bags have some nice picks that you can check out. Here are some of the top ten essentials to include in your baby bag to have a jolly successful day out with your little one.

  1. Diapers

Well, it’s also called a diaper bag for a reason! Having at least a small pack of diapers in your baby bag is completely necessary. Whether just going out for a short time or long distances, you can never predict when your child will need to go potty. It’s better to be safe than sorry. There is nothing as unsettling as having to go around with your baby smelling of poop just because of your unpreparedness. Younger infants may need more diaper changes compared to more mature infants.

  1. Changing Mat

Having a clean and dry surface on where to change your baby’s diaper is very important when it comes to avoiding infections. You can never be sure that you’re going to find that clean surface everywhere you intend to go. That’s why you need to have your changing mat in the baby bag every time you go out. It provides you with the safest and most hygienic surface to change your baby. Invest in a water-resistant changing mat for easy cleaning.


  1. Wipes

If you’re going to change your baby’s diaper, wipes are a must-have. They’re effortless to carry around than having to take along some water and cloth since they’re lighter and easily disposable. If the pack you have is too bulky for your baby bag, you can pack some in a resealable plastic storage bag. They not only come in handy when wiping a baby’s bum but also when cleaning your baby’s changing mat to keep it free from germs. When you’re outside, the baby is also likely to come into contact with dirty surfaces. You should, therefore, always carry with you some wipes to clean your baby’s hands and yours too from time to time.

  1. Hand Sanitiser

Babies are sensitive little beings. Therefore, you need to handle them with extreme care. To achieve that, your hands have to be clean at all times. When outside the house, it can be challenging to find a place with soap and water to clean your hands regularly. That being the case, you should never leave the house without a hand sanitiser. Be sure to place it at an easy access to avoid the frantic search when the need arises.

  1. Extra Change of Clothes

Baby’s clothes are bound to get dirty every time you go out. It could be dirt from the playgrounds, leaked diapers, drool or even regurgitation, and that could mess you up too. Always make sure you have some extra outfits in your baby bag to save the day. Be sure to add that dress top from bubs warehouse au for yourself too.

  1. Plastic Bags

Littering the environment with used diapers and wipes is never a good picture. Packing some plastic bags in your baby/diaper bag helps you keep the environment clean since you can just put the used diapers and wipes in there, and get rid of them at the most suitable place. Plastic bags also come in handy when you need to separate the soiled and wet clothes from the rest of the things in the bag.

  1. Snacks/Food and Drinks

A hungry child can never be a happy child. To save yourself from the tantrums brought about by an empty stomach, never leave the house without packing some snacks or food for the baby. If you’re leaving the house for a short time, some snacks will do. However, if going on a road trip, never forget to pack some food. You’ll also need some spoons and washable bibs for easy feeding. If your child breastfeeds, it’ll help if you pump some milk into a bottle to feed the baby. That’s necessary if you’re heading to a place where it’ll be inconvenient for you to breastfeed.

Having a bottle of water or your baby’s favourite drink will also prove useful in soothing the toddler’s mood when they become fussy during your time out.

  1. Preferred Tous and Teethers

To sit in the same position the entire time in the car can be tiring for a baby. They may tend to become restless, uncomfortable and jittery. Having their favourite toys packed in their bag can save the day. The toys might keep them busy for most of if not throughout the trip.

While in the teething stage, most babies tend to become irascible due to the feeling of discomfort.

The irritability can worsen when they feel confined to the car during long trips on the road or in public gatherings. Teethers go a long way in soothing the sore gums of your toddler, making them an essential thing to have in the baby bag.

  1. Blanket

Babies tend to tire and fall asleep pretty fast while in the car or after a long day of fun out in the sun. The weather conditions outside may not be suitable for a sleeping child. It might be too windy, or the sun could be scorching. Baby blankets turn out to be useful in such cases, helping the baby sleep soundly.

  1. Sunscreen

A child’s skin is very tender and needs protection from the sun’s rays. If you’re considering spending your day out in the sun, you ought to carry some sunscreen in your baby bag. Failure to do so may lead to painful sunburns on your baby’s skin.

By ensuring that you carry the above, you’ll realise that taking care of your baby even when out for a trip will be a lot easier.

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