In What Order Should You Do Your Workout and Why?

Working out has become an essential form the lifestyle of anyone that’s wanting to live a long, fit and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Because of this, many more people have been logging online to search for guides on how to do the best workout and in what order for optimum performance and efficiency, so we compiled a list on how best to do your workout.

First of all, starting with a warmup and specifically stretching out is a key essential before going down to the main work out as this will limit your chances of getting injured. Getting your body warm can be done through some stretches of the specific muscles that you are looking to train in your session. A guide of the best stretched to warm up can be found here.

Once you are nice and warm ready to smash out your workout, ensuring that your first start with compound exercises is the best way to target your specific muscles group in the most effective way first. Compound exercises include bench press, military press, deadlifts and squats – compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time and are the best place to start as these are usually the most taxing on your body so more energy is required.


Now that you have done the main part of your workout, you can now move onto the more isolated exercises that target one muscle specifically and when your body starts to tire, these become easier. If you are training chest for example, the secondary muscle that you would mainly be training would be your triceps so isolating these after some bench presses with kickbacks or overhead press is a great way to target them specifically.

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Moving onto cardio now will all your main muscles to relax and start to build lactic acid and endorphins to enable you do go on a run, on the watt bike or even rowing machine. Doing cardio before you train your specific muscle groups will make you more tired and meaning you won’t be able to train to your full capacity.

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