How to make a painting in Minecraft

Decorating your home is a true art… there are so many things to learn… so many things to decorate with… if you are in real life. Because if we are in Minecraft, as you well know, we have very little “chance” of having detailed furniture. Minecraft, however, offers us, albeit few, of the pixellated paintings, of the paintings that, however, make their slut figure. And so welcome Gamers, let’s see how Paintings are made in Minecraft! And obviously, after I will also show you all the possible paintings that can happen to you so as to get an idea. Let’s see how to make your home better!

Remember that this tutorial is for Paintings, not for Storage Frames! If you are looking for a tutorial for how to make a Frame in Minecraft.


Starting from the assumption that the paintings are made of canvas, it is immediately necessary to realize that the canvas actually is not there in Minecraft. Therefore, start with the objects that exist in Minecraft. We have a frame, a frame that as explained in the Item Frame tutorial must be sturdy. What is generally used as a frame for paintings? I am at my grandmother’s house who has always known Wood. The same wood that is used for Crafting Tables and Boats. But wooden planks should not be used this time: only sticks will be needed. But what goes to the center? If the Sticks are the frame, what’s in between? The card? Leather?Wool?

Yes, dear ones. There is wool in between. We do not know why wool since it is impossible to paint on it but that’s okay … So in the end as an answer to the question “How to Make Paintings in Minecraft”, the Crafting described corresponds to this here:

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How to make a painting in Minecraft

Yes, we’ve seen how paintings are made, but how do you get individual materials in Minecraft? Wool can be obtained simply by using Shears on sheep. Well by doing Right Click on a sheep with shears, it will release 1-2 units of Wool of its color. So for wool, just find a sheep and have two iron ingots. The tutorial to make them can be found by clicking on Shears just above.

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You know it doesn’t take long for the sticks: find a tree, get yourself two blocks of rough wood. Then take them and put them in the 2×2 grid of your inventory and get 8 Wooden Planks. These, if always placed in the grill incorporated in the inventory, give 4 sticks each: here are the 8 sticks we need.


Going into the depths of the Minecraft code, from the version’s JAR File you can extract the original Default Texture Pack folder of the game. Going into that, you get to the subfolder of paintings. Entering it, we find this:

Here they are: they are the possible paintings that can be obtained by placing them on Minecraft. These paintings are of various sizes, from the smallest to the most impressive, from the most colorful to the fullest. Here are the Minecraft paintings.


I frankly am a worshiper of Minecraft Commands. Yes, I’m a cheat one… but not in my survival actually. But now is not the time to chat about useless things like this. Let’s talk about How To Make A Painting … Using Minecraft Cheats. As already explained in the article on giving (the Command to get anything in the game), it is very simple to summarize: there is only one way to call the object. So if I wrote:

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