How to speed up a smartphone that is slow?

To those who, at least once in their life, have not had to struggle with the slowness of their mobile phone. And even if the most modern smartphones have diminished, thanks to more performing memories, these difficulties, the same can happen to run into a slowdown in the performance of the phone. In fact, some common aspects can be the cause of a particularly slow mobile phone, regardless of the brand or model used. So let’s see how to speed up the smartphone.

How to speed up a smartphone?

One of the main causes of the mobile phone’s slowing down is very often attributable to the amount of memory that is occupied by the data present in the history and in the cookies. It is good, in fact, from time to time, to empty the data list inside them. Beyond what your cell phone model is, you can still use the same illustrated procedure because it is always the same. You will have to enter the settings and then select a browser at your convenience (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla) and from there, you can delete history and cookies. Once you have done this, you will have a significantly faster mobile phone, because it will be lightened.

Close the appsHow to speed up a smartphone

If after deleting the history, we are still not satisfied with the speed acquired by our smartphone, we continue in the process of lightening it to make it faster. One of the peculiarities of the latest generation of mobile phones is the ability to open many applications simultaneously to move quickly between the different features that we are interested in using. Most of the time, however, these types of applications remain open without us paying attention because they are busy using several programs at the same time. I advise you, periodically, to close the apps that you are not using.

RestartHow to speed up a smartphone

When even these measures are not totally sufficient to give our smartphone the desired speed, it is time to restart. In fact, some applications often freeze or, as they say in technical terms, crash. Even by closing and reopening the broken application, however, part of the phone’s memory remains allocated to the background management of errors, thus stealing “petrol from the engine” of the smartphone. By rebooting the whole system, instead, the memory becomes completely available again and the mobile phone will start working again quickly and efficiently.

Delete cookies from phoneHow to speed up a smartphone

There are different procedures for eliminating cookies from the mobile phone, according to the mobile phone model itself. Or the type of browser you use to surf the net. But basically, there are few differences between them. Cookies can be deleted from the “Settings” menu of the mobile phone. Or from the menu of the browser used. The most used browser is “Chrome”, especially on the latest generation of smartphones. We continue in the details.

  • Remove cookies from the Chrome browser

To delete cookies from your mobile phone from Chrome, let’s start the application. So let’s move on to the menu or the icon made up of three lines. With a click, we will see the opening of a drop-down menu. We search for “Settings” and then click on “Privacy.” We will notice the appearance of a list of items concerning internet browsing. Let’s go to the one below, or “Clear browsing data”. Then click it. A list will appear with all the navigation data that can be eliminated: history, cache, cookies/site data, passwords, compilation data. We can then tick the boxes concerned, in particular the one relating to cookies. At the end of the procedure, we will permanently delete cookies on the mobile phone.

  • Remove cookies from the Safari browser

If our mobile phone is an iPhone, we will also go to the browser to delete the cookies. This is likely to be “Safari.” We will follow a simple procedure within everyone’s reach. Still, in the “Settings” menu, we scroll down to “Safari.” We repeat the actions of the previous step with the opening of the list. As before, a series of voices related to internet browsing will appear. We will have to tick the item “Clear cookies and data” twice in a row. The action to delete cookies can also be carried out during the operation of the browser. In this case, we will click on the book icon and then press on “Delete cookie” twice.

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