How to create a functional and stylish WFH environment

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Although working remotely was a concept that had gradually been building momentum, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced higher levels of home working than ever before.

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For office-based staff, this has had benefits and drawbacks. Some will have relished the extra hours of the day that are not being taken up by commuting, while others may miss the social aspect of office life. With a second wave possible, it appears that home working is something many people may have to get used to for a while longer. How can you make it work for you and create the best possible environment within your home for productivity to flourish?


It is really important to have a designated workspace within the home. Ideally, this could be a spare bedroom or study where you can close the door and have some peace and privacy; however, even those without the luxury of a spare room need to assign a workstation and set boundaries with their flatmates or family members to ensure this space is left undisturbed and free of distractions when needed.


Working from home for a day here and there does not necessarily negate the need for lots of office furniture. In the short term, a kitchen table or even a lap tray might suffice; however, when the arrangement is set to be long term, it is in your interests to invest in proper furniture – a desk and good, supportive ergonomic chair at the very least. Without these, you will find your posture – and your concentration – slipping.

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Working from home successfully is not only about your environment but also your lifestyle. Working from home can blur the boundaries between work time and free time, so try to incorporate routine within your day to help distinguish the two. Get up, shower, get dressed – your stylish Farah shirt from a stockist such as will be ideal for any Zoom meetings – and get into that work mindset just as you would if were physically going into the office.

Household changes

Offices are designed to be light and airy, often in pale colours to promote calm and productivity. Green plants are often used to release more oxygen into the environment and enhance concentration. Think about making a few subtle decor changes within your home to give it the feel-good perks of office life.

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