How to create an industrial-style kitchen

Industrial-style kitchens have become popular in the modern home. This is an easy concept to achieve, always turns heads, and is functional. It is easily adaptable to suit all tastes and part of the appeal is that redundant objects can be brought back and reborn into something new. Industrial kitchens are known for being spacious with clean, crisp lines, so it is an easy look to achieve.

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Add industrial touches to an existing traditional kitchen

A stylish industrial kitchen will show attention to detail, from the exposed pipework to the chrome extractor fan and the brick wall. Before you embark on your project, make a list of the elements you want to achieve in your kitchen and think about applying them. Even if your traditional kitchen is tired, you can bring out exposed brick and piping to achieve the effect. Add reclaimed objects and enjoy turning your hand to upcycling.

Mismatching bar stools and pendant lights

Mismatching bar stools add that quirky industrial feel to the space whilst enabling it to be used as a social and family focal point. Pendant lights with metallic lampshades can brighten up the room and draw attention to the kitchen island in the centre.

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Consider brick-shaped tiles

If you don’t want to expose the brickwork or this is simply not feasible, brick-shaped tiles are a good alternative. They certainly add to the industrial charm without looking cheap. To enhance the area, place your kitchen utensils on display and place filled pasta jars on the worktop.

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Inject colour and keep it open plan

Too many ‘industrialised’ silvery units in the kitchen can be dour and uninviting, so it is a good idea to add a splash of colour. This could mean a calming blue or an earthy green to match the potted plants on the shelving. The kitchen cupboards are easy to transform so that a hint of warmth is brought into the kitchen. Keep the room open plan and airy – if you are moving from a traditional kitchen to a modern room, consider knocking down a wall for added space and an open, flowing feel.

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