Interior Design Tips for Your Park Home

So, you’ve decided a park home is where you can see yourself living out your retirement. Good choice! Park homes are surrounded by such beautiful scenery, and the great outdoors can do wonders for your health. Now let’s focus on how you can make the interior of your home as beautiful as your surroundings.

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If you have just moved from your previous home to a park home, you may be wondering how everything is going to fit. Storage underneath the bed and in wardrobes is going to be very important. Storage boxes will work wonders for this as you can store your possessions out of sight, and your home will remain tidy and clutter-free. Alternative you can look into hiring a self storage unit near you to store the items that take up to much space.


A good example of how park homes look inside are the Gloucestershire park homes on It’s so important you bring your personality to your home and jazz up your rooms in furniture that makes you smile. A good idea to create the illusion of more space is the use of mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light and can really make your place look brighter. Less is more most of the time; better quality items will make your room look stylish and homely, whilst avoiding looking overcrowded.

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Colours & Lighting

To create a more modern look in your park home, neutral colours on the walls allow for statement furniture and artwork. They also give the illusion of a wider space. When it comes to lighting, variety is key. Lamps can look warm and cosy, ceiling lights free up more space and studio lights can look ultra-modern.


When it comes to accessories, you don’t necessarily always need a theme. Your own personality can add excitement to any room! Greenery is a great idea. Plants and flowers create a tranquil environment and help to free the air of pollutants. Other accessories can be a mixture of patterned or plain; rugs, scatter cushions and pillows can look cosy. Photos of family and friends are a great talking point and fill your new home with fond memories. Antiques and figurines are a great way to showcase your individual personality and make your new home come alive.

Never be afraid to be creative and show off your interior design flair. You need to feel comfortable and happy, ready to enjoy the next phase of your life in your new home!

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